Case Studies

Searh Marketing, PPC, SEO

Successful search engine optimization and pay-per-click projects result from marketing and technical experience and the willingness to understand the client, their needs, and the unique challenges of their market. At SEO Magician we have demonstrated our effectiveness time and time again. We have ongoing success generating targeted website traffic for clients that produces a valuable return for their marketing dollars.

Our web positioning and sales conversion strategies work!

Undisclosed-healthcare industry

SEO Magician determined keywords, titles, descriptions, and page designs that immediately produced higher conversion rates. The site has earned even higher conversions rates and lower cost-per-conversion goals through consistent data collection, analysis, and making necessary refinements. Online conversions increase of 200% in 3 months. more

Laughing with the Bear

After five to seven months the new site had page one and two rankings in all the major search engines. Not only did the site rapidly climb in the search rankings, it enjoys many of those rankings today. more

Pit Bull Products

Site and keyword listing for appeared in Google, Yahoo, and MSN after three months of employing SEO Magician. Within six months the company gained multiple page one rankings for key phrases including number one rankings for “motorcycle stands”, “racing stands”, and many others. Traffic increased dramatically. more

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